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Western Red Cedar is a domestic softwood native to the western coast of the United States and Canada. This species is noted for its long, straight grain, superior degree of strength, and low density. Its natural characteristics make the wood especially useful for shingles and have therefore earned Western Red Cedar the nickname of "shingle wood".

Western Red Cedar is used extensively in the production of cedar shingles, exterior siding and trim, outdoor furniture and structure, decking, and even interior millwork and trim for customers aiming for a rustic look. Its weather resistance allows for direct contact with the ground, so it is often also used for fence posts and garden pergolas, sheds, and trellis applications.

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J. Gibson McIlvain, one of the leading lumber wholesalers in the United States, stocks a variety of Western Red Cedar Products, with a wide range of sizes and grades for different applications. View the common sizes in stock chart here.

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J.Gibson McIlvain has a complete planing and moulding facility in which we can custom manufacture any cedar profile with only a two week lead time. To learn more about McIlvain and the services we offer, call us toll-free at (800) 638-9100.

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